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My Pocket App Developers FAQs


Who are My Pocket App Developers?

My Pocket App Developers are the prominent native mobile app developer, mobile web app builder, and mobile responsive website designer for small to mid-size business, religious institutions, municipalities, schools, non-profits, organizations, and associations. Integrating a mobile solution into your marketing strategy allows your brand to reach a more targeted audience and connect with your customers while they are on the go.

Why choose My Pocket App Developers’ mobile business application integration services?

The My Pocket brand has been developing mobile apps for small to mid-size business since 2010. My Pocket stands by its work and challenges anyone to find a negative comment about our services. Our customers simply love our detailed approach and committed customer support. My Pocket has the credibility, references, and the Better Business Bureau rating to put you at ease with our proficiency. Simply put, we are ethical and proud of our work.

Why does my business need a mobile marketing strategy?

Mobile marketing is arguably the most effective means you can communicate your brand, products, and services to your targeted consumers 24/7. No other technology device is as personal or pervasive as mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets. Consumers are within 9 ft. of their mobile devices at all time. Consumers would rather forget their shoes than their smart phone: it’s always with them, so with your mobile marketing app, your brand can be too.


Why do you charge monthly fees?

We charge a monthly fee for 24/7 account access so that you can manage your app anytime. The account allows you to send unlimited push messages to your users, view analytical reports to determine the success of your marketing efforts, edit the app, redesign, and much more. The fee also includes online support and hosting.

How long does it take to develop a mobile business app?

The entire process takes approximately 15 days. We have a tested development process that ensures you get what you want in your app without rushing you through the process. We have a vested interest in the success of your app, not only because we value customer satisfaction, but also because we take pride in the apps that are published under our brand.

Can the app be develop in different languages?

Yes, we are willing to work in any language. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that all translation is correct before we publish the app. My Pocket takes no responsibility for errors in translation.

Is it difficult to have an app approved for sale in iTunes?

Great question! Apple does have a very strict approval process, but we are familiar with their guidelines. While we cannot guarantee your mobile business app will be approved the first time we publish, we do promise to continue modifying your app until it is approved.

Can my members make event orders from the app?

Yes, customers can make event orders from your app. This feature has an additional cost. Check with your sales representative for current pricing.

Can I have multiple locations in one mobile business app development?

Yes. If your business has multiple locations you can input the addresses, emails, and contact numbers for each.

Do I need to know software coding to maintain my mobile business app?

No. My Pocket app development uses a Content Management System (CMS) that is user-friendly and requires very little technical expertise.

What happens if I stop paying for my monthly or yearly app account access/maintenance fee?

The My Pocket app will remain in the app markets via our iTunes and GooglePlay accounts. However, you will no longer be able to update the business app through your account. Your customers will also not be able access the app’s content.

What is the” App Management” Services?

We offer the option of letting our staff handle the ongoing management of your app including adding new event listings, monitoring your “Fan Wall” activities, or maintaining menu orders. You can choose to perform these activities yourself, or we can help. We offer this service on a monthly basis. Contact us for more information.


Does “My Pocket” mobile business app development have a Refund Policy?

Once the order has be taken and the development work has begun, My Pocket cannot refund any monies.

Is “My Pocket” registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, My Pocket is registered under our corporate name "Clark Online Network." We take pride in consistently maintaining an "A" rating.


Will it be difficult to manage my mobile business app using your system?

No, the My Pocket Content Management System (CMS) is user-friendly and requires very little technical expertise.


Are changes made to the CMS updated immediately?

Changes to the mobile business app are immediate. Sometimes files like background images may take a few minutes to process, but once processed, the changes appear in the app. Changes can also be slightly delayed in getting to the user depending on the user's browser caching and Wi-Fi connection speed.

Why is there a charge to resubmit to iTunes for store listing changes?

Changing any iTunes store listing requires republishing. My Pocket prepares the structure of the app and re-bundles for another submission. This charge covers the work performed by My Pocket.

Do I have to pay for software upgrades to the content management system?

Yearly software upgrades like Google and iTunes APIs are free. We are always developing new features and some may have a cost associated with them. The cost will vary depending on the feature.

Can I send push-messages from my mobile device?

Great question! My Pocket has developed a free business manage app that allows you to view analytical reports and send out push notifications while on the go. Manage Your App. Manage Your App

Can multiple team members in the “CMS” at the same time?

Yes, your team members can work in the account at the same time. However, you probably don't want them changing the same content at the same time.

Is your “CMS” cloud base and can I access the “CMS” for any computer?

Yes, our content management system is cloud-based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.

You can rearrange, rename, and edit all business app content with the exception of the iTunes store listing details. If you want to change the iTunes store listing details there is a fee that Apple charge to do so.

How long has “My Pocket” been developing mobile business apps?

My Pocket has been developing mobile apps since 2010. We have a very large reference list and would be glad to share a few of our references with serious potential customers.

My Pocket Branded Apps Since 2010

My Pocket is a mobile app development brand that is headquartered in Dallas Texas, which has grown to cities, states, and countries worldwide. The My Pocket brand is owned by Clark Online Network, LLC. Clark Online Network, LLC is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and is serious about maintaining an "A" rating with the BBB.

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