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How does St. Louis pizzerias prolong their business relevancy in a mobilized on-the-go pizza consumers market of the 21st century?
Answer: A Mobile Food Ordering Pizza App by St. Louis based MyPocket Business App Developers

Many St. Louis pizza owners are attempting to operate a pizza restaurant in the 21st century with a 20th century marketing strategy. The 20th century websites and online ordering was the smartest strategy to implement because it was the area of the .com, Websites, online, and desktops. Since the “dot com boom” technology has changed and so have pizza lovers. Welcome to the new area called, “There’s an APP for that.”

Welcome to the Mobile App Boom! Is Your St. Louis based Pizza Restaurant Mobile?

Consider this FACTS:

  • The mobile industry is now the fastest growing business and is expected to increase 1000% to 58 billion by 2015.
  • According to mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by 2013.
  • In the US 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web.
  • Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, for many items one in seven searches are now mobile.
  • Mobile web growth is happening 4 times as fast as the Internet.

St. Louis based smartphone app builder of mobile food ordering apps goal is to develop and create solutions that support metro St. Louis Pizzerias. In addition to Pizzeria apps, MyPocket App Developers of Pizzeria apps also build mobile HOA Apps, Church Apps, Fitness Gym Apps, School Apps, Sport Team Apps, Retail Boutique Apps, Municipal Apps, Disk Jockey Apps, Nightclub & Bar Apps, and Salon & Spa Apps. This is innovative locally based company assist St. Louis Pizzerias in providing exceptional customer convenience via mobile food ordering apps.

Innovative technologies like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices drastically has changed how people communicate, receive, and disseminate information. Just as mobile technology has changed how people communicate with each other, businesses must change how they communicate with their consumers. With 91% of the total U.S. population subscribing to a mobile device, only having a website and Facebook in a world full of on-the-go mobilized pizza lovers is not the most effective way to sell pizzas. For this reason, many food service chains like Taco Bell, Domino’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chipotle and Jimmy Johns have begun offering mobile food ordering solutions for their customers.

Marketing on mobile devices are now at the forefront of how restaurants and pizzerias communicate their brand message, specials, and pizza choices to their targeted consumers. In todays mobilized world, any St. Louis pizzeria that do not offer a mobile option will soon see their market share decrease while their mobilized competitor’s market share and revenue increase.

With a MyPocket mobile food ordering app, St. Louis pizza lovers can browse the menu, submit an order, and make payment remotely all via their mobile device. Once payment has been made the order is delivered via email or cloud printer to the pizzeria and the customer pick up their pizza.

Why should St. Louis Pizza Shops offer mobile food ordering for their customers?

Two reasons why your St. Louis based pizzeria should develop a mobile pizza app are:

  1. To increase revenue by selling more pizzas
  2. To increase customer loyalty by offering a convenient mobile option to place orders

By developing a new channel for your customers to conveniently order pizzas, your existing customers may submit orders more frequently, and new customers may also be attracted to your business due offering a mobile option. More frequent and new pizza orders will definitely increase your revenue.

Besides, the benefits of having an additional ordering channel a mobile pizza app can also save your staff time as well. Having a mobile app as an ordering channel decreases the time your staff spends on the phone, and writing down orders. Decrease staff time on the phone taking orders and increased staff time making pizza can also grow your bottom-line.

Studies have shown when you offer consumers a convenient means to patronize a business the result are positive. Owners of St. Louis Pizzeria must understand when a customer has to go online to your website, Google the your location, click onto your website, locate a menu, call in over the phone, and say or key-in their credit card details, it becomes very time consuming and frustrating. Research has also shown that when a customer attempts to patronize and business without a mobile option that customer becomes frustrated and patronize a competing business with a mobile option.

The question becomes for local St. Louis restaurant owners is, “that if there is a cost effective solution that will offers customer convenience, while growing your bottom-line, why would you choose not to develop a mobile food ordering app?”

  1. Its time for your St. Louis based pizzeria to wake up and smell the pizza dough and join the “Mobile App Revolution”!
  2. It’s time to allow your on-the-go pizza lovers order pizza, check out offerings, put in special requests easily, and click to send their order to your pizza place all from the palm of their hands!
  3. It’s time for a mobile pizza ordering app developed by MyPocket Business App Developers!

In addition to mobile food ordering for your St. Louis pizzeria, MyPocket Business App Developers have loads of other features that can benefit your pizza place. We won’t overwhelm you with a full list here, but with the ability to send push notifications to your customers regarding new promotions, offer mobile loyalty programs, and earn social referrals for your business, mobile apps developed by MyPocket can generate a ton of value for your business.

By now you may be saying, “My St. Louis based pizza restaurant is not a national chain like a Pizza Hut, so how can I afford a mobile app?”

Here at MyPocket Business App Developers we specialize in assisting non-franchised pizzeria take their pizza menu mobile. Our job is to develop a simple, beautiful, and functional mobile food ordering app that will grow your business within your stated budget. The process is to get started is also simple. Just contact us today and request a FREE NO Risk Sample mobile app customized specifically for your St. Louis based pizzeria. We will have your FREE Sample App complete within 3 business days. After we complete the sample we will send you a special preview link and app code to enter so you can view the FREE Sample App live on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. If you like our work you simply pay for the development cost and we begin building your official new mobile app for your pizzeria. Once the app is complete we will get your final approval and submit it for app approval by Apple and Android. Once your app is approved and uploaded to your desired app marketplaces (e.g. Apple’s App Store and Google Play), you can promote it to customers and start taking your first mobile orders.

It is really that simple.

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